Brief Introduction of the Library

The Library of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (ZNUEL) originated from the Library of Central China University.Through more than 50 years’ development, it now possesses three library buildings on different sites (Yifu Library building &the old library building on the South Lake Campus and the Library building on the Shouyi Campus), covers 48,000 square meters, and possesses 5300 seats. It is a modern library equipped with advanced computer technology and network capabilities.

In October of 2003, the new library building on the South Lake Campus, Yifu Library, was completed and opened to the public. Yifu Library covers 25600 square meters, looks like the shape of X by a bird’s-eye view. Its main body has 6 floors and its accessorial body has 5 floors, and it has 2 cloisters on the 4th floor. Besides, it has grand appearance, reasonable structure, novel design, good lighting and nice ventilation. The new library has 15 reading rooms and about 3000 reading seats. Lending and reading have been combined into one area with an open-shelf management system. There are 460 computers in its 3 computer rooms on the 4th floor provided for the readers to search web resources. There are also more than 20 research rooms in the cloisters on the 4th floor, which provide good researching environment for the researchers of our university who hold important researching tasks. Yifu library has top network layout, design and equipment, top storage construct mode and memory equipment, and its equipment of server, software and hardware etc. are all among the best ones in domestic institutions of higher learning and lead the list in the institutions of higher learning of Hubei province.

Literature and data on finance, economics, law, politics and management science feature largely in the library collection. By the recognition of the National Literature Resource Investigation, our library is ratified as research-level literature collection unit. Moreover, the amount of the varieties of book collection on economics ranks no. 9 among nationwide all kinds of libraries (including the National Library); the amount of the varieties of book collection on social science pandect ranks no. 14 among nationwide all kinds of libraries; the amount of the varieties of the library’s basic collection of books & the gross collection of literature and the comprehensive position of our library all rank no. 1 among nationwide libraries in the universities and colleges of economics and law.

By the July of 2006, the Library of ZNUEL has a gross collection of approximately 404.6 million items, including 125.8 million volumes of electronic books (being converted according to the CALIS Standard) and 278.8 million printed books (including the collection of each college library). Among them, there are 5616 Chinese and foreign language periodicals and newspapers on subscribing,which including 262 foreign language periodicals and newspapers. Besides, there are more than 30 kinds of Chinese and foreign language electronic resources including electronic book database, periodical paper database and information database in the library. Moreover, our library has self-built “video on demand”, digital dissertations & theses and database of CDattached to purchased books. Overall, our library has established a reasonable scientific collection system that has printed literature, local digital resource and web information resource complementing each other.

At present, the Library of ZNUEL has a permanent staff of 146 members including 3 research fellows of library science, 15 associate research fellows of library science, and 82 librarians. It is consists of the following 11 vocational and administrative departments: Acquisition and Catalog Department, Reading Department I, Reading Department II, Reading Department III, Information Department (which has jurisdiction over the Editorial Office of Information of Economics and Law,and the Teaching and Research Section of Document Retrieval Course), Network System Department, Digitization Department, Circulation of the Shouyi Library, Reading Department of the Shouyi Library,Shouyi Integrated Management Department and Administrative Office.

The Library of ZNUEL is founded on the principle of serving readers first where service is paramount. The library’s aim is to integrate and develop scientifically and reasonably the traditional literature and digital literature, and to offer campus network service gradually to meet the teaching and research needs of the ZNUEL community. The library is making efforts to establish knowledge resource systems that cover all the specialities of humanities and social sciences, and will obtain a distinguishing feature in Economics, Law and management science in the near future. Additionally, the library is also trying to lay a good foundation for establishing a first-class research type library in the world that has a multi-leveled, diversified, high quality, effective, fast and convenient modern knowledge service system.